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Computer Bootcamp

Computer Training Curriculum

Here's an outline for a 10-hour basic computer proficiency class with a focus on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and graphics. 

Session 1: Introduction to Computers and Basic Operations

  • Overview of computer hardware, software, and peripherals

  • Basic operations: turning on/off the computer, using the mouse and keyboard

  • Introduction to the desktop, icons, and file management

Session 2: Internet and Email Basics

  • Introduction to the internet and web browsers

  • Navigating websites, searching the internet, and using bookmarks

  • Email basics: composing, sending, and receiving emails, managing email folders

Session 3: Introduction to Microsoft Word

  • Creating, saving, and opening documents

  • Basic formatting and editing of text

  • Inserting and formatting images

  • Saving and printing documents

Session 4: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Creating, saving, and opening workbooks

  • Understanding cells, rows, and columns

  • Entering data and basic formulas

  • Formatting and charting data

  • Saving and printing workbooks

Session 5: Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Creating, saving, and opening presentations

  • Adding and formatting slides

  • Inserting and formatting text, images, and graphics

  • Adding multimedia elements (e.g. videos, audio)

  • Saving and presenting presentations

Session 6: Graphics and Images

  • Introduction to basic graphic design concepts

  • Using graphic design software (e.g. Canva, GIMP) to create graphics

  • Formatting and editing graphics for use in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Session 7: Advanced Microsoft Word

  • Creating and formatting tables

  • Working with headers and footers

  • Creating and formatting lists

  • Using templates and styles

Session 8: Advanced Microsoft Excel

  • Advanced formulas and functions

  • Sorting and filtering data

  • Working with multiple worksheets and workbooks

  • Creating Graphs that use spreadsheet data

Session 9: Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Customizing slide layouts and templates

  • Adding animations and transitions

  • Collaborating on presentations with others

  • Printing and sharing presentations

Session 10: Security and Maintenance

  • Overview of computer security threats and best practices (e.g. antivirus software, strong passwords)

  • Maintaining the computer: updating software, managing files and folders, backing up data

  • Troubleshooting common issues (e.g. frozen programs, slow performance)

Note: The above outline is just a sample and can be adjusted depending on the needs and goals of the learners.

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